Knight's Fable

Knight's Fable

Knights fable is a unique MMO experience.

Knights Fable is a unique MMO experience

Instead of just attempting to mimic every other MMO on the market, Youzu Games have instead created a free online MMO game that appeals to both casual and veteran players of the MMO genre.

One of the most exciting elements of Knight's Fable is the unique combination of RPG style gameplay and fun mini-games. Not every gamer has 10 hours a day to dedicate to their MMO experience and Knight's Fable's attempt at mini-games makes for the perfect distraction for those looking to just sink a few minutes into their day. Take a break from saving the world and enjoy jewel-smashing puzzles, intense memory games, quizzes or even test your mettle in reaction-based mini-games. The exciting variety on offer is the perfect solution to a casual players needs.

Knight's Fable is also home to a feature that has helped sell millions of games across the world, the capture and taming of beasts. The world of Knight's Fable is home to a powerful variety of exquisite beasts and players are able to train them to accompany them into battle. Every beast comes complete with its own set of stats and abilities so if you want to become a true Knight's Fable tamer master, you've gotta' catch 'em all.

An MMO game is not complete without the ability to progress and customize your character. Knight's Fable appeals to the loot collecting urge all MMO players hide inside, boasting thousands of potential combinations of items and equipment with dozens of raid dungeons home to some of the most powerful monsters and rewards in the game.

Knight's Fable interface includes: Character attributes, chat, game features, quests, maps and other tabs. Each tab has many features that look alike to each other. Of course, there won't be any pointless buttons, so as long as you understand what each feature does, you can grasp the basics of gameplay and its settings. The top left interface shows the main character’s Health, Energy, Stardust, VIP level, and active Nostrums.

The bottom left interface is the chat interface where players can communicate with others. The bottom middle interface is where players can select many of the games’ key functions such as Character, Heroes, Beasts, and Soul.

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Knight's Fable

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Knight's Fable

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